Pierluigi Portale was born in 1991 in Catania, He achieves scientific maturity and after the artistic maturity in Sculpture at the Art School "M. M. Lazaro " in Catania. In March 2015 he obtained a degree in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. Plastic Disciplines taught at the art school of Enna and Grammichele (CT). In 2014 he realized for the city of Catania a large monumental sculpture in lava stone dedicated to victims of the sea. In 2016 followed ad advanced course taught by sculptors of international fame in the European School of sculpture in Wunsiedel (Germany) realizing in that occasion a stone sculpture. Winner of a stage of marble sculpture at the SGF of Carrara conceived by UNESCO Club in collaboration with FICLU, Duomo Gallery and municipality of Carrara, with the aim of bringing together experienced craftsmen in marble with young emerging sculptors. In 2018 creates a monumental sculptural work in lava stone on the occasion of the visit of the President of the Republic of Italy On. Sergio Mattarella to "Urban gardens to Librino" Catania. He is currently Professor of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania.

His Sculpture makes use of a linguistic register, which is based on the knowledge of classical art, which has evolved over time getting a rigor in synthesis and a formal cleanliness oriented towards the abstraction it preserves, however, a figurative memory. The limit between figurative and abstract doesn’t mark a clear dividing line, but fades into poetic metamorphosis passages. His style is characterized a refined and sensitive lightness of being.


Until now he has participated in exhibitions and symposiums of sculpture nationally and internationally:

  • 2020 Group exhibition “Agatarte chiasmo” curated by Giacomo Fanale – Galleria d’Arte Moderna – Catania.
  • 2019 II I International Sculpture Symposium at Lebanese University of Beirut – Beirut (Libano). Award realisation “Domenico Danzuso 2019” - Palazzo Biscari – Catania. “SIdefire” contemporary art exhibition curated by Beniamin Art Gallery– Convitto delle arti Museum – Noto (SR). “Mediterraneo” contemporary art exhibition curated by Salvo Sequenzia – Chiesa del Carmine – Taormina.
  • 2018 Award realisation “Domenico Danzuso 2018” – Catania. Realization “Lupo d’oro” for the International Film Festival “REFF React Short Film Festival”- Catanzaro. I International Sculpture Symposium of Dokuz Eylül Univercity Torbali Vocational School of Higher Education – Izmir (Turkey). Group exhibition “Sidefire” edited by Beniamin Art Gallery -Civic Museum of the former monastery of St. Clare – Noto. Solo exhibition “Un’astrazione figurativa/Una figurazione astratta” edited by Ornella Fazzina – Palazzo Platamone - Catania. Monumental sculptural work “Radici dell’Essere”, made on the occasion of the visit of the President of the Republic of Italy On. Sergio Mattarella to "Urban gardens to Librino" Catania.
  • 2017 He collaborated on the installation in lava stone of “Il sogno di Empedocle” – work of Emilio Isgrò at Radicepura Garden – Giarre (Sicily)). Award realisation “Domenico Danzuso 2018” – Catania. Monument realisation for the centenary of Lions – Floridia (Sicily) Exhibition curator “Unsustainable art” – Wall Street English – Catania. Group exhibition “Novorganismo 1984-2017” – Palazzo Moncada – Caltanissetta. Group exhibition “Imago Mundi – Rotte Mediterranee” (Luciano Benetton Collection) – Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa – Palermo.
  • 2016 Finalist – Sculpture Prize “Le voci dell’Arte: pace, fratellanza e solidarietà” Ediction 2016 - “Federazione Italiana Club e Centri per l’UNESCO” – Carrara (MS). 23° International Sculpture Symposium “Art in Stone” – Europȁisches Fortbildungszentrum – Wunsiedel (DEU). Group exhibition “I territori dell’arte” – Convitto Ragusa – Noto. Exhibition curator “Exhibition” – Wall Street English – Catania. Realisation monument work “Memory” – Piedimonte Etneo (Sicily). Realisation copy of Efebo of Castelvetrano – to Civic Museum of Castelvetrano (Sicily).
  • 2015 I International Sculpture Contest “3D Music” – Museu de la Musica – Barcelona – Spagna. "Artists of Sicily - New talents" by V. Sgarbi, Platamone Palace - Catania. Group exhibition “Tesori di pietra” – Vecchia dogana – Catania. Chartae" Group exhibition - Space Contemporary Mansourcing - Caltagirone (CT).
  • 2014 Sculpture Symposium on basalt lava of Etna - Riposto (CT). Art Factory 04" – Exhibition Center Le Ciminiere, Catania. I The International Sculpture Symposium on basalt lava of Etna "Oro Nero dell’Etna" - Belpasso (CT). Realization Monument to the victims of the sea - Monumental Cemetery on Catania. International Art Prize Limen (VI Ediction) - Town Hall E. Gagliardi - Vibo Valentia.
  • 2013 Group exhibition "The fever 3-6" - Palace of Culture, Catania. "Art Factory 03" – Exhibition Center Le Ciminiere, Catania. Symposium - "Open Workshop of sculpture" in basalt lava of Etna - Zafferana Etnea (Sicily). "Academy on display" - Exhibition Center Le Ciminiere, Catania. Semantics of the Territory" - council hall, Square January 15, 1968 - Gibellina (Sicily). 2012 XII International Symposium of Sculpture "Antonio Berti Prize" - San Piero a Sieve - Florence. VIII edition "Agrigento Art" Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Agrigento - Agrigento. Group exhibition "Disegninsegni" - Emilio Greco museum, Catania.
  • Art Market 2012 - P 105 Millenaris Park, Building D, Ground floor - Budapest. Group exhibition "Single Plural" – Fragapane Palace, Grammichele (CT).
  • 2011 XVI International Contest "Scultura da vivere" - Cuneo. Group exhibition of sculpture "Borders clandestine scattered mutants" - Gallery "Voltaire" - Catania.
  • 2010 XV International Contest "Scultura da vivere" - Cuneo. Group exhibition "Obaism" - Syracuse. Grazia Calanna, Carmelita Celi, Ornella Fazzina, Paolo Giansiracusa, Rocco Giudice, Irene Perfetti and Michele Romano have written about him.

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